Our Services

Vendor For The Government of Canada Under CanCrops INC

We Define

  • Create business plans, strategy or marketing and financial/cost plans
  • Create business plans, strategy or marketing and financial/cost plans
  • Test implement to go live, online, Web based, mobile devices
  • Provide Solutions for Businesses, IT and non-IT Projects
  • Classes:
    • PMP(PMI)
    • CBAP(IIBA)
    • CAPM(PMI)
    • CCBA(IIBA)
    • (Agile) Scrum
    • CBAP Agile (Scrum)

Once you have identified a specific objective for your Organization or your own Career, Bluestar Consultancy will prepare to help you grow in your Individual Carer or your business.

What We Provide


 Business Analysis

Business Analysis as we guide through its intricacies. We will meticulously define the core of Business Analysis, unraveling the essence of requirements, their gathering, and the art of classifying them. Understand the inputs, processes, elements, and outputs that constitute the foundation of Business Analysis, and grasp the diverse toolkit of tools and techniques employed in this field. Delve into the world of Unified Modeling Language (UML), exploring how to craft a comprehensive Business Model using MS Visio. Learn to model  requirements across level 1, 2, and 3, gaining insight into the expectations and essential concepys. Detailed exploration of BAVOK V3 will uncover the terrain of Business Analysis knowledge areas, fortifying your understanding of this discipline.

 Project Management

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of Project Management, where we unravel its nuances. Understand the essence of Project Management, including the formulation of a robust Work Plan and a detailed Work Breakdown Structure. Delve into vital components such as scope, time, cost, quality, communication, human resources, risk, and procurement. Gain insights into the practical responsibilities of a Project Manager and a Project Coordinator through real-world examples, equipping with the skills needed for effective performance. Our detailed dissection of PMBOK V5 will provide you with a profound understanding of the intricacies of Project Management.

 Quality Analysis and Quality Testing

Venture into the realm of software quality, gaining a comprehensive understanding of software quality assurance, verification, and validation. Uncover the dynamics of the software life cycle and explore the attributes that define a skilled test engineer. Discover the intersections of Quality Analysis with Business Analysis and Project Management. Explore the vast domain of testing, encompassing types such as manual and automated testing.