Our Mission

Prepare your team to maximize potential leading to exponential growth by:

  • suggesting improvements to their operation techniques
  • creating long term projections by collaborating with them to identify their immediate needs
  • design and provide options through collaboration with partners
  • implementing viable enhancements and staff training on utilization of all relevant resources and tools that will increase profits for our clients while reducing their expenses

How We Started

Bluestar Consultancy was started in 2013 by a passionate group of professionals which we reflect as a universal family, providing services from medium to large enterprises.

Our operational team has resources to work on-premises or remotely with complete commitment and tools ready to support our clients 24/7.

We leverage any type of disproportions, imparities, interruptions, differences, reduce barriers, enhancement, managing projects, risk identification, assessment, and providing solutions to your enterprise and provide various distinctive options which you can choose such as 

  • New business plans
  • Providing cost efficient solutions
  • Utilizing existing resources and tools
  • Improving data security, and business process

The team has 20+ years of experience in Project Management, Business Analysis,, Risk Analysis, and Scrum agile development to successfully implement new and creative ideas in the workplace which resulted in increased profits for the organization by following processes, procedures, and standards that are set in place.

Our team is equipped with resources AND techniques that will help to elicit, analyze, present, and communicate requirements clearly in all phases of project information with transparency. We also identify in and out of scope details to the project teams – presenting enhanced services and positive outcomes

Who We Are

Executive Director: Ram Verankki

A Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), ITIL, and over 20 years of experience in SCRUM and Electronics and Information Technology Industry as a project lead. He is also a System Analyst and Senior Quality Assurance Analyst in various capacities in government organizations. Internationally, he worked at Electronics Corporation of India, York University Toronto Canada, Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) Peterborough Canada, Child and Family Services Government of Manitoba Winnipeg and TELUS Canada in various complex projects. Ram also has experience in teaching Project Management including leadership skills, Agile Scrum Methodologies, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, Data Analytics and Risk Management.

Contact Ram Verankki: (647)-909-5529

Manager: Sukanya

A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute and Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), from the International Institute of Business Analysis, Scrum Certified with 15+ Years Worked as Business Analyst and Project Manager in various organizations. Specialized in Business Administration, Finance, Computer Systems, and experience in various projects in financial and government organizations. She has expertise and experience in teaching Business Management, Business Analysis, Project Management, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft SharePoint, testing tools, and business management tools (Rational (IBM)HP and defect tracking tools). She is responsible for the management of projects, agreements, proposals, approvals, scope, costs, resources, timelines, analysis and implementation of contracted projects, operations regulations, finance, accounting, and closing projects.

Staff: Deepika

Deepika is a George Brown College graduate in Computer System Technology, A+ and CCNA certified professional. She also worked at various non-profit organizations where she played a major role in technical support, installations, and application testing in projects. Deepika prepares modules in A+, and CCNA introductory and intermediate level classes.


We are working with new graduates of colleges and universities from Business Administration, Business Analytics, Cloud Computing and Big Data, Software Development (Java based), Website Designers, Project Management (certified in CAPM), Junior Network and System Analysts, certified professionals in A+, and CCNA.


Fresh Graduates of several colleges and Universities from Business Administration, Business Analytics Software Development, (Java based, Website Designers) Project Management, Hardware specialist Computer System Technology, A+, CCNA certified professional, and experience working in various organizations.


CPA, CGA from a professional corporation. An expertise in regulations, start up, personal, and all business needs, incorporations, GST/HST payments and accounting.