Our Services 
Vendor For The Government of Canada Under CanCrops INC 


  • Create business plans, strategy or marketing and financial/cost plans 
  • Test implement to go live, online, Web based, mobile devices 
  • Provide Solutions for Businesses, IT and non-IT Projects 

Once you have identified a specific objective for your Organization or your own Career, Bluestar Consultancy will prepare to help you grow in your Individual Carer or your business

Do you think Project Management and Business Analysis are the needs and the most required in this 21st Century? Do you believe they can be obtained with minimum costs and gain high benefits? At Bluestar Consultancy, we lead the clients to their dreams of success in business, training, improvements in operations, or start-up. We articulate Project Management and Business Analysis ideas and collaborate to identify the immediate needs and a positive outcome.

  • Suite 207B, 3464 Kingston Rd,  Toronto, Ontario
  • (647)-909-5529 Ram Verankki PMP, ITIL, Scurm agile Specialist